About Me




I was raised in the south so I say y’all, I drink sweet tea, and all soda is called Coke. I am a little bit sassy

but never trashy. I LOVE makeup, all things beauty and have a bit of an addiction. My husband does not

understand my obsession but I don’t understand his obsession with sports…so we’re even. We have

been married since October 2016 and just purchased our first home. I am the proud mother of two

Yorkies that I spoil rotten. They enjoy barking at the Roomba, digging in the bathroom trash, and will not

use the dog door unless I tape it open. Talk about drama kings! They are amazing cuddlers so it is all

worth it.

I fell in love with LipSense and wanted so many colors that I started this business for the personal

discount. It has evolved into so much more, I have fallen in love with all of the SeneGence products from

the skincare to the eye shadow. It is all so revolutionary, beautiful, and life proof. I am truly invested in

making every woman or man feel beautiful from the inside out and SeneGence helps me do that.

Favorite LipSense color: Plum Pretty

Favorite Gloss: Diamond Kiss Gloss

Favorite ShadowSense: Moca Java because you can use it for Eyes, brows, and contour

Favorite Skin care: Climate control

Favorite Treatment: Lip Volumizer

Foundation Color: Almond